Controlling Anger

Anger is a normal human emotion that can have both positive and negative consequences – everyone feels it from time to time, but people tend to handle it differently. Some people deny being angry, others hold it in, some lose control and lash out and others communicate their feelings. Controlling anger is an important part of everyday life and for some anger is felt intensely, frequently and expressed inappropriately causing negative consequences for them and the people around them.

Everyone has conflicts and problems… how you solve them is what is important.

If you struggle with controlling anger there is help available. There are many different techniques you can use to manage your anger in the short and long-term. Just admitting you have an anger problem is a start!

You may not have been raised with the tools to manage your anger appropriately; however you can break the cycle and develop new tools to control anger. Anger that is chronic can have health consequences let alone affect your relationship and even cause you legal issues. Controlling anger is part of having a healthy and joy filled life for you and the people you care about.